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April 21, 2022

Now that most of North America is in full spring-swing, many people start planning summer adventures. Having been cooped-up for months due to the colder weather and the piling of the pandemic on top of that, many people are longing to get out into the great outdoors. Whether it be hiking, biking or camping or fishing, we long to get back to nature. North America has many wide-open spaces, lots of forests and incredible hiking trails through rural and mountainous areas.

Summer Adventures can lead to getting lost, quickly. With the Here I Am App on your phone, help is just a click away

Subsequently, as summer adventures come with mosquitoes and poison ivy, they also come with…getting lost. While in the grand scheme of things, not many people get really lost each year. Note: By “really lost” I mean for 2 or more days. But getting really lost can be deadly. That’s why all adventurers should have the Here I Am App on their mobile phones.

With the Here I Am App on your mobile, with just the click of a button, up to three of the contacts in your phone will be instantly notified that you’re in a time of emergency and need help. In addition to including potential medical situation information, the Here I Am App also provides your exact GPS coordinates and a map showing where you are. With your contact(s) providing 9-1-1 and/or EMS services with your GPS coordinates and information from the map, emergency services personnel will be able to contact the 9-1-1 and EMS Services closest to your location to get help quickly on its way. And that will ensure a better summer!

As with all emergencies, timing is critical, with the Here I Am App on your phone, help is just a click away. To discover more about the Here I Am app, visit:

Here I Am App is available for purchase on Google Play and the Apple App Store for USD$1.99.

Paul Taalman

Paul Taalman is the creator of the Here I Am app.