Suicide Prevention – With the Here I Am App a person experiencing suicidal thoughts can ask for help when they feel helpless.

With the Here I Am App a person experiencing suicidal thoughts can ask for help when they feel helpless.

If you or someone you know may be having suicidal feelings, please contact:

In the U.S.A.

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 9-8-8
  • Text HELLO to 741741
  • S Veterans 1-800-273-8255 – Press: 1

In Canada

In Canada, statistics show that middle-aged men die by suicide more than anyone else, including young people and women (Statistics Canada, 2019). 1

In Canada in 2019, there were 4,011 suicides in total. Of that number 3058, or 76.24 percent were male. Men aged 45 to 64 have the highest number of suicides. While women attempt suicide up to two times more often than men (Public Health Agency of Canada) men die three times more often than women. 2

Regardless of the actual numbers, suicide is an unfortunate part of life. It affects people of all ages and backgrounds. People thinking about suicide typically exhibit some kinds of warning signs but any significant change in behaviour may be a warning sign. Here’s what some of those signs could look like:

  • Losing interest in hobbies or activities they normally enjoy
  • Disconnecting from family and friends
  • Change in life patterns
  • Drinking alcohol or increasing drug use
  • Easily irritated or angered
  • Risk-taking and not caring about the consequences
  • Emotional emptiness
  • Exhibiting a sense of hopelessness or a feeling of being a burden to others
  • Openly talking about wanting to die or killing oneself
  • Looking for a way to kill oneself or already having a plan 3

As a society, we must get better at reaching out to suicidal people.

What does this mean to you? As the timing of suicide is unpredictable, you can let a loved one know in their time of extreme duress, that you’re available to them through the Here I Am App. With the Here I Am app on their phone, they’ll be able to reach out to you – that you’re there for them. And with the emergency message providing you with a map and their exact GPS location, you’ll be able to send emergency services to where they are. And of course, if you’re able, you’ll be able to get to them too. As the Here I Am App is only $1.99 USD, download it for them. By doing so, you’ll be letting them know that you care – that they matter to you, especially in their time of need.

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