Unexpected medical conditions can occur in a moment

We never know when an unexpected medical condition can arise. It could be a situation where a person gets stung by an insect or spider or starts to experience a diabetic or low blood pressure situation or more simply some type of accident – a stumble and fall, a vehicle accident, or some other similar unexpected mishap. Having the Here I Am App on your phone can be a game changer where minutes count.

Depending on where you are, most areas in the U.S.A. and Canada today, have cell service. In those areas that don’t have cell service currently, service is being expanded on a daily basis. Having a working cell phone and cell service is a game-changer when in an emergency situation. That’s why you should have the Here I Am App on your cell phone. With the Here I Am App on your phone, you can send an emergency message to up to three friends or family members at the push of a button. But what if your current situation isn’t exactly an emergency? One of the nice things about the Here I Am App is the ability to change your emergency message easily. Of course, if you have cell service, you wouldn’t need to make more than just a phone call. But one of the great things about the Here I Am App, is you can easily determine your exact GPS position through the Message Preferences of the app’s settings function.  Having your exact GPS location will allow you to advise your family, friends, or rescue services exactly where you are even if you’re not exactly in a critical emergency situation at the time.

As with all emergencies, timing is critical, whether nightfall is near or a storm is on the horizon, with the Here I Am App on your phone, help is just a click away. To discover more about the Here I Am app, visit: www.hereiamapp.com